Those wanting to attend the Fireworks Display and Bonfire without attending the Fun-by-Day event can buy Fireworks Tickets only and arrive after 6 pm. You are able to make use of any of the Fun-by-Day activities that are open from 6 pm.

Those buying tickets for the Fun-by-Day event on Sat 3 Nov 18 are welcome to stay on site for the Fireworks Display and Bonfire in the evening. You are not allowed to reenter if you leave the site earlier unless you buy a fireworks display ticket. If staying on for the Fireworks Display you can continue to make use of the attractions after 4 pm, or take a break in the large marquee


3 x 2-for-1 @ £12.50 each = £37.50

  • Fun-by-Day attractions
  • Fun spooky characters popping up now and again
  • Fireworks Display and Bonfire (for people who have not left the site beforehand)
  • Free pumpkins for kids on any Fun-by-Day tickets bought and paid for before 20 Oct


Please note that there is a Spooky World Spooky-at-Night event due to take place on the evening of Sat 3 Nov 18. Separate tickets are needed if you want to visit the attractions.

Click HERE to buy tickets for the Fireworks Display on 3 Nov (not needed if staying on site after the Fun-by-Day event)