A reasonably priced grill menu is available at our on-site grill venue mainly serving fast food such as:

• Chips
• Burgers
• Onions
• Sausages
• Baked potatoes
• Small selection of vegetables
• Salads
• Sandwiches
• Ice Cream

An example of 2018 prices: Burger or Hot Dog with chips and canned drink = £6.00, Chips = £3, Jacket potato with filling = £5.50, Children's party pack = from £4 each.


We DO NOT sell baby food, nor do we provide use of a microwave although we can provide hot water that can be used for warming babies bottles.


We sell a wide range of food, including jacket potatoes, salads & sandwiches. Please contact us in advance to discuss any special requirements.

BIG PICNICS AND BARBECUES NOT ALLOWED (but you can bring sandwiches)

Up until 2017 we allowed guests to bring along their own picnic. Unfortunately due to some guests abusing the privilege, leaving rubbish on the farm land, and feeding potentially dangerous scraps to the pigs we have had to withdraw the privilege and guests can no longer bring along a full-blown picnic or barbecue. However, you are able to bring sandwich packs and drinks if you choose to do so (remember we have our reasonably priced on-site fast-food grill with plenty of drinks available). Any guest not abiding by this rule could have their ticket withdrawn and be asked to leave the adventure farm.

There are picnic benches throughout the site and a covered eating area that has picnic benches including a table that can seat up to 20 people at a time.